Friday, July 24, 2009

Boards and Bags

My husband insists on carefully preserving comics he’ll never read again with boards and bags. The comic is placed in a Mylar (not plastic, God forbid!) bag with a piece of cardboard, and the bag is taped shut with special double stick tape. The comics are then stored in cardboard storage boxes. These boxes are then stored in what used to be my bedroom, which is now a shrine to the almighty Nerd God.

The reason comics are so carefully preserved now is because comics were originally a banal medium; they were meant to be read and thrown away. A few people saved their comics from childhood, and due to their rarity they were sold for obscene amounts. Now, everyone saves everything because they think their comics are going to be worth something someday. Unfortunately, if everyone saves every issue of every comic, they are no longer rare and no longer valuable.

I keep threatening to sneak into my husband’s storage boxes to make crafts out of his comic book collection.

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