Monday, July 20, 2009

Can’t Buy Just One

The problem with my fanboy is that he can’t buy just one of anything! Ash needs the complete set of everything. He needs to own every CD made by a band he likes, every book by his favorite authors, and every movie featuring Bill Murray. It’s sick. Even if he doesn’t like a particular song, story, or film, he needs to have it to complete the collection.

If the fanboy in your life picks up a new interest, make sure that there is a finite amount to it. For example, it’s okay if your fanboy takes an interest in Dead Like Me since there were only two seasons and one movie. They’re done. That’s it. It’s finished. It’s not that expensive of a collection because it’s not going to get bigger. Think twice before you let your significant other brings home the first season of Star Trek. It’s like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. He’ll want the second and third seasons, the six movies with Shatner, and now those bastards at Paramount Pictures thought it would be a good idea to start making new movies.

It is perfectly okay to have an interest or a hobby, but the need to own everything related that interest or hobby crosses a line. I don’t need to have to wade through mountains of X-Men comics to get to my dresser. I don’t need every storage space of my car filled with Rush CDs. I enjoy The X Files as much as the next person, but I don’t need to own the entire series. The episodes after Duchovny are just unwatchable, and that’s why I quit watching the show on TV when it was new. Then again, that was about the time I got my driver’s license…


  1. My husband informs me that I missed a few of his Bill Murray movies when I took the photo, can anyone guess what I forgot?

  2. Well, I wouldn't consider myself a fanboy, but I do like Bill Murray, and I wondered right away when I saw your photo, where "Scrooged" and "Kingpin" were. I assume your husband has these movies. I also liked "The Razor's Edge" (which I don't see here), but I know a lot of people who didn't. From this stack pictured above, I only own "Groundhog Day", but I would watch many of them again, just b/c of Bill.

  3. Bill Murray was great in /Ed Wood/. I don’t see it in the stack.