Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fanboy Ash/Disclaimer

My husband is a fanboy. I love him, but he’s a huge nerd. He wasn’t a full-fledged fanboy when we started dating, and his geekiness has grown exponentially over the years. I’m sure there are others who have found themselves in similar predicaments, and I thought I could lighten their burdens by sharing my experiences.

When I told my husband about my idea, he only asked that I change his name. Apparently he doesn’t want to come out of the geek-closet just yet. So, my husband’s alias is Ash.

He also asked that I add a disclaimer as well. He thinks that some fanboys might discover it and become upset because the information I am presenting won’t fit in continuity of the multi-verses or they’ll find other qualms with it. While all the information may not be canonical, it will have a certain amount of truthiness to it. This is not a resource for fanboys; it’s a resource for their significant others! It’s also a way for me to cope with the stockpile of comic books, cartoon DVDs, and nerdy t-shirts that have invaded my home in a comical manner.

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