Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hawkman, His Head’s a Hawk

Image from All Star Comics Archives Volume 7. Drawing by Joe Kubert.

This is Hawkman. His head’s a hawk. He is part of a super-hero group called the Justice Society of America (JSA). There are a lot of comics with him in it. My husband, Ash, used to talk about the JSA all the time. He used to talk about Hawkman too, but he made one fatal flaw. He showed me a picture of Hawkman! It was then I realized Hawkman’s super power – his head! What other super hero has a complete bird for a head? Ash tried to tell me that his head is not a hawk and that it’s actually a mask, but I don’t buy it. Take a look at the picture! Why are there wings on his “head” when he has wings on his back? Why would his “mask” need a head of its own? To me, it looks like a complete hawk on top of his head, and that is what gives Hawkman his hawk strength.

From then on, any time my husband would talk about Hawkman, I would say, “Yeah? I love Hawkman! His head’s a hawk!” He would then get frustrated and change the subject. I eventually told him that if he ever starts going to comic book conventions that I’m going to make a Hawkman costume to wear. I’ll introduce myself by saying, “I’m Hawkman; my head’s a hawk!” He tried to call my bluff my saying that I wouldn’t be able to make the wings, but he forgot that I’m pretty crafty with papier-mâché.

So, if your fanboy starts talking about the JSA, or Hawkman specifically, all you have to do is say, “I know all about Hawkman. His head’s a hawk.” He might even get so worked up that he’ll need an excuse, like taking out the trash, to leave the house for a little while.

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