Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Superman

When I was in college, my roommates and I would watch Smallville just to ridicule it. The entire show was supposed to be this big foreshadowing story, but it was just ridiculous. We couldn’t remember the name of the show at first, so we would just call it “Little Superman.” My roommate told me that Clark Kent (little Superman) was supposed to be in high school, and I asked what the show would be like when he went to college next year. She explained to me that Clark was supposed to be a sophomore! This made the show even funnier to me because it seemed like Superman must have been held back a few times to be 30 years old and a sophomore in high school. This is a perfect example of What’s the Matter with Kansas.

I only watched a few episodes when I lived with those women, and I never watched the show again… until my husband thought it would be fun to buy the first season. This led to him buying all the other seasons for the complete set. What was once funny once every week or so for a semester in college turned into something terrible and painful. Why was Lois Lane on the show? If Lex Luther and Superman were best friends, why can’t Luther figure out Superman’s identity later? Isn’t Jimmy Olsen supposed to be younger than Superman, when they meet by working at the paper? How many times can a show use the words, “secret,” “powers,” or “trust” in one episode?

Avoid this show at all costs. Shove a sandwich in your DVD player if you must.

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