Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds

Warning: The following entry is not appropriate for all ages. This is about an R-rated movie with adult themes and I use the word “asses.”

One would think that a movie about nerds would have a certain innocent, geeky charm to it, but that’s not the case. That’s not the case at all! This is a horrifying movie that I’m ashamed to have in my home.

The movie is about freshmen nerds at college who are warring with upperclassmen jocks. I would think that the audience should feel some sympathy towards the nerds, but they’re just as terrible as the jocks. Yes, the jocks kicked them out of the dorms and trashed their new house, but the nerds took their disgruntled feelings and attacked the jocks’ girlfriends. The jocks are bullies and drink a lot, but the nerds smoke marijuana in addition to underage drinking. The nerds also videotaped women changing so they could ogle them, which is illegal. One of the nerds also had sex with a woman without her consent, which is also illegal. They also sold naked pictures of woman who did give her permission. (At least the Girls Gone Wild asses get their drunken victims to sign release forms.) They did all of these activities with a minor present, which makes everything even worse.

Yes, I understand that it’s just a movie, but I still didn’t find it funny because those sorts of things happen at college all the time. When I was in college I knew several people that had to call the police because men were peeking into their windows. I’ve also known a few women in college that had men have sex with them without giving their consent. That is known as rape, and it is never, never funny.

Perhaps if I was a college-aged man who never knew anyone that was sexually abused or assaulted, I might have enjoyed Revenge of the Nerds.


  1. As someone whose been raped 3 times and assaulted over 20 times in my life I find it very uncomfortable to watch those movies as well. Thank you for warning me, I will not be watching this.

  2. Ugh! I've never made it past the first 10 minutes of this film and I'm glad now that I didn't! Seriously,I expect drinking and possibly drug use in these old 80's flicks, but rape? That makes me sick!