Saturday, August 8, 2009

Avoid Movies with Time Travel

Time travel is a common science fiction plot device that is completely illogical, especially when the characters travel to the past. If a character goes back into the past to correct a problem, and they succeed, then there is no reason for them to go back in time in the first place and there is no need to tell the story!

Now, I can watch the original Star Trek series without too much of a problem because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I can find humor in it. I can even watch the Star Trek movies, except for the one about the whales. However, I found the new Star Trek movie pretty annoying. So, Spock (the guy with pointy ears that says, “Live long and prosper,”) is an ambassador that lets tragedy befall a Romulan (a guy with pointy ears that is not a Vulcan, like Spock). That Romulan goes back in time to destroy Spock, but Spock also goes back in time. To make a long story short, young Kirk and young Spock stop the evil Romulan with Spock-from-the-future. Now, young Spock knows that he is going to be an ambassador and that there will be a problem with the Romulans in the future. Wouldn’t he be able to prevent the problem with the Romulans with that knowledge? Wouldn’t that be “logical?” If Spock did that, then the one Romulan with a vendetta wouldn’t go back in time, and I could have 2 hours of my life back!

What bothers me even more is that I know that my husband will eventually buy this movie to add to his Star Trek hoard. Stupid Paramount Pictures bastards...

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  1. Not only will he own the movie but he'll probably watch it with the commentary on and INSIST you watch it with him. Why did they ever think up commentaries on movies. *sighs*