Monday, August 31, 2009

Comic Book Store Survival 103

Be wary of the invitation to go to the comic book store. Don’t make any other plans because you probably won’t make it out of there in less than an hour. The time will last even longer if the store has a foul odor to it. My recommendation is to bring a book and wait in the car. Otherwise, if you must go inside, ask for the $80 Mothra (a big moth that fought Godzilla) doll until it’s time to go. There really isn’t much you can do to make the trip go faster because fanboys must look at all the new arrivals and then spend at least 30 minutes going through all the old back issues. You better remember to pick up boards and bags while you’re there too so you don’t have to make an extra trip the next day.


  1. My advice is to find a comic shop near more favorable stores and split up. Then make him wait for you as you dally over fabric prints or wedge heels or something that would be equally annoying to him ;)

  2. Shopping is like that whether it’s a fan or a non-fan, or a man or a woman. My mother would spend hours browsing through clothes, but it was equally agonizing to go with my father to the hardware store. And they both went shopping for plants and gardening supplies at Art Knapp’s, which I remember vividly because of its smell.

    I never go into a bookstore with another person because I know I’ll want to leave before they do (and I love reading; I just prefer to go somewhere comfortable and relax first, instead of going through every book at the store).

    I go to the comic shop once or twice a week, and my shopping there would probably be boring to stand around and watch even if the other person liked comics, let alone if they didn’t. I wouldn’t force anyone to come with me.

    You should probably avoid going to the comic shop with your husband when there’s a big sale. Not only will you be surrounded by comic books you don’t care about, there will also be big crowds tripping over each other.