Monday, August 17, 2009

Fanboys are from Mars, Veronica Mars is from Venus

Veronica Mars is a teenager that lives in Neptune, drives a Saturn, shaves with a Venus, and saw Uranus. She also solves mysteries.

The first season of the show was fueled by Veronica’s need to solve the murder of her best friend, who was also her ex-boyfriend’s sister. I think her new boyfriend’s father murdered her. I don’t remember. I usually had homework or housework to do when my husband was watching it, so I never really paid attention. Veronica also dated a cop while she was still in high school, even though he was a lot older than her and should have known better. Veronica had a few sidekicks, including a boy who played basketball and a girl who was good with computers. I’m pretty sure she was in college the last season, and she had to solve a crime that one of her professors committed.

I only know two people that liked this show, but apparently enough people watched it for three seasons to get made. Guess whose husband owns all of the seasons? I also hear that other fanboys enjoy Veronica Mars, and they whined extensively about its cancellation online on various forums. I only wish it was cancelled sooner so I’d have a little bit more shelf space available in my living room.


  1. Thankfully I have no idea about Veronica Mars. My husband apparenlty doens't enjoy "tampon sleuthers" to which he disturbingly adds Murder She Wrote in that category.

  2. I liked Veronica Mars. I was limited by a friends dvd collection and his generosity.