Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Green Lantern, First Flight

My husband, my geek in residence, brought home Green Lantern, First Flight recently. It’s a cartoon movie about the Green Lantern. This straight-to-DVD movie is a big deal to fanboys because it is the first cartoon movie about the Green Lantern and it’s rated PG-13, which makes it slightly less embarrassing for adult men to purchase. It also comes with an extra disk to prolong the hurting.

The movie starts out to introduce a pilot, named Hal Jordan, who will later become a Green Lantern. I think the guy is supposed to be rugged or dashing, or something like that. Anyway, a dying alien’s ring abducts the pilot. The alien dies, the pilot puts on the dead alien’s jewelry, and then he becomes a Green Lantern. Hal Jordan then meets many other Green Lanterns in the Green Lantern Corps, which is located in space and run by little blue guys with big heads. The Green Lanterns don’t like Hal at first because he’s the new guy. The only Green Lantern that likes Hal is the devil Green Lantern, who turns out to be evil.

Aside from the movie trying to convert everyone to Green Lanternism, I have two big complaints about it. First of all, why is yellow the weakness for Green Lanterns? Anyone who used finger paints when they were a child realizes that yellow plus blue makes green. How can yellow harm something that is half yellow? If yellow is so dangerous, why can’t the Green Lanterns just mix in some blue to save the day? I think red would have been a better choice for an evil color since red is the opposite of green. Additionally, why did the producer let his cousin, who studied computer animation at community college, animate the spaceships? They really broke the unity of the cartoon and stuck out terribly. It’s a cartoon; it’s supposed to look flat.

Okay, I lied – I have more than two complaints. Here is my last big gripe: Why are there two disks and a digital copy download all in the same package? The first disk has the movie and bonus features. The second disk is full of even more evil bonus features to sooth the savage fanboy. Does DC really hate me that much? I can’t even relish in the idea of the disk getting scratched because now my husband will have a digital backup copy.


  1. Do you know what else sucks about digital backups? You can't flush them down the toilet.

  2. That is the funniest thing I've read all day!