Monday, August 3, 2009

Green Lanterns

(Drawing by Fanboy Wife, based on a picture by Ivan Reis)

A lantern doesn’t sound that exciting; however, a Green Lantern is very titillating for fanboys. There are actually many Green Lanterns, and they’re a group of superheroes who star in their own comics.

A Green Lantern is a person (or alien) who wears a ring with a lantern logo engraved on it. The ring is also green. One would think that the superhero would then be called the Green Ring, but that might be too reminiscent of some unhygienic fanboy’s bathtubs… Anyway, the ring is powered by a big lantern that is green, hence the name “Green Lantern.” The lantern gives the ring power, which then gives the person wearing it superpowers. They can fly and make magical with their rings. The Green Lanterns also wear green spandex when they gad about the universe.

The Green Lanterns all belong to a cult called the Green Lantern Corps. The Corps is run by tiny blue aliens, who have giant heads and wear robes with the Green Lantern Logo. The Green Lanterns and the blue aliens gather for superhero business and to recite “The Hymn to the Big, Green Lantern.” Each Green Lantern superhero is in charge of a different part of the universe, where they try to convert people to Green Lanternism.

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