Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hawkman, His Head’s a Hole

Wednesday Comics are all the rage in fanboy world. They’re nostalgic for fanboys who read Sunday comics when they were children because they are huge and printed on newsprint. The problem with Wednesday Comics is that they’re huge and printed on newsprint.

My husband was excited about the prospect of owning big comics that would require him to lie on the floor to read, but the novelty wore off pretty quick. Ash also loves to board and bag all of his comics, but he can’t do it with Wednesday Comics because it would be like shoving a newspaper in the Mylar sack. The people who make these comics foresaw the problem of their comics being too wide, so they made the decision to fold the newsprint one more time. While this may have seemed like a good solution, the paper is still too thick to fit in the bag. The other problem is the stress the extra fold puts on the last page. Newsprint is very cheap paper, and it is not very sturdy. Ash discovered that his Wednesday Comics issue #1 already has a hole on the back page.

Now, when Ash flipped the page over to assess the damage, he noticed there is a hole in Hawkman’s head. Poor Hawkman, now his head’s a hole.

(Hawkman is by Kyle Baker)

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