Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to Torture a Fanboy 102

When your fanboy is waiting to get his new comics, he will talk about his anticipation nonstop. A good way to torture him is to look up the spoilers for those new comics online. Anytime that he starts to annoy you, tell him one of those spoilers. He will flee from the room and stop telling you how excited he is for the new comics.

If you are not quite this heartless, make up a few “facts” about the new comic. He won’t know if you’re telling him real spoilers or lies, and it will torture him just the same.


  1. I do this to my husband with the Harry Potter movies. I'd love to give a nod to this blog on my blog called Your Blog Is Awesome! if you wouldn't mind. I feel compelled to ask first, it;s only polite.

  2. You can share my blog on yours if you want. I'll post a link back to yours too, because your blog is awesome! Hee, hee!