Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kevin Smith as Silent Bob

Kevin Smith is a role model for many nerds, geeks, and fanboys. He is famous for his role as Silent Bob. If you are invited to watch a Kevin Smith movie when he plays Silent Bob, here they are in best to worst order:

1. Clerks II
2. Dogma
3. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
4. Clerks
5. Mallrats
11. Chasing Amy

The above numbering is correct. Chasing Amy is a terrible movie. Ben Affleck has a prominent role, and he is a terrible “actor.”


  1. we own....dogma and that's it

  2. Terrible order, Clerks one is by far the best movie he's made

  3. Hmm.... Let me see if I agree with that list....

    1. Clerks II (Yes!)
    2. Dogma (Yes!)
    3. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Probably!)
    4. Clerks (Yeah, Clerks II is much better.)
    5. Mallrats (Haven't seen it!)
    11. Chasing Amy (I saw this once, it wasn't THAT bad.)

  4. My least favourite is /Dogma/. 50% because of Chris Rock and 50% because of the poo monster.

  5. You, Ma'am, are an idiot. Chasing Amy is regarded easily as Smith's best work to date and actually wont a Spirit Award for best screenplay.

  6. Dear Anonymous, if you are going to call names you should at least have the decency to use your name or a clever pseudonym. Name-calling did get my attention, but it certainly isn’t going to change my mind.

  7. Winning awards is no gauge of a good movie. You, Anonymous, are a turd.

  8. I agree, Chasing Amy wasn't all that good.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opnion, there is no need to resort to name calling, it just shows how childish you can be.

    My list would be more like:

    1. Dogma
    2. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    3. Mallrats (which is kinda dumb, but that's why I love it :P)
    4. Clerks II
    5. Clerks

    And the Chasing Amy wouldn't even make the list. He was hardly in it...if i remember correctly...only saw it once and never again...though i did like the parts where that one guy was being accused of being a tracer XD lol that's so funny!!