Thursday, August 6, 2009


T-shirts are the bane of my existence. My husband has eight hundred and ninety-three nerdy t-shirts. No, I kid. He doesn’t have that many, but he does have several dozen, which is too many for the storage space we have. His dresser is twice as big as mine, and it’s overflowing with t-shirts.

Part of it is my fault. I used to buy or make shirts for gifts for Ash. I had to stop because he never gets rid of the old ones, and his hoard is getting out of control. I’ve been throwing them away when I do the laundry if I think I can get by with it. Recently, I was able to toss out his anti-Bush t-shirts I made him in college during the 2004 campaign. He’s even thrown out a few on his own from high school; however, there are still too many.

Ash did come home with a pair of superhero pajama pants recently. I hope this doesn’t turn into a new obsession!


  1. I'm not a fanboy or married to one (though I think I have heard of x-men. Maybe. Once)but that did not stop me from enjoying reading your blog, and especially liked your drawings. Keep up the good work. Just thought I'd say.

  2. husbands t shirts are all in black. He only wears black when not in uniform. I counted the other day and he has over 50 shirts! I have 8 that fit me at the moment that I rotate.

    I think you have to be a pack rat in order to be a fanboy.

  3. Put them in the attic, if there is one, but don’t throw them out. I’ll never forgive myself for giving away my Roboduck, Fido Dido, and Oliver North t-shirts from the ’80s when I outgrew them. They were historical artifacts!