Sunday, August 9, 2009

Two-Eyed Cyclops

(Drawing by Fanboy Wife, based on a picture by John Cassady)

Anyone who is literate and living in the Western world should know that a Cyclops is a giant from Greek mythology that has one eye. Apparently the people at Marvel did not learn about Greek Mythology. There’s a mutant from the X-Men that can shoot lasers out of his eyes, and his name is Cyclops. If he opens his eyes, the lasers shoot out and cause disaster, but somehow the lasers don’t shoot through his eyelids. Cyclops has to wear special goggles to keep from destroying everything in sight.


  1. Up until now I never made the connection. I can be so oblivious sometimes!

  2. Yes, however, the goggles were originally drawn as a single slotted goggle. It focuses the two eyes into a single beam, hence the name. For some reason, the movies chose to go another way with the goggles.