Friday, August 14, 2009


(Drawing by Fanboy Wife, based on a picture by John Cassady)
Wolverine is a very famous member of the X-Men. (He’s an X-Man?) The X-Men are mutants that go to school together. Wolverine is so popular he has his own movie, and he stars in several comic book titles. My husband, Ash, says that his appearance in some comics doesn’t make a lot of sense because he is on more than one superhero team.

Why is Wolverine so famous? I think it has to do with his titanium alloy* skeleton. The other superheroes can stick their grocery lists to him with magnets when he runs to the store. His skeleton isn’t natural – some crazy scientist gave Wolverine the metal skeleton. He also has metal knives that shoot out of the backs of his hands, so he must have a big scratching post to keep his claws sharp. Wolverine also has super healing powers; I think he got shot in the face once and it didn’t even scar him. Wolverine also has weird hair that is emulated in his costume.

The best part about Wolverine is that’s he from Canada. (The best part “aboot” Wolverine, is that he’s from Canada, eh?) Ash hates it when I read his comic books aloud to him with voices. I think the voice I give to Wolverine is hilarious, but he doesn’t think so. He’ll take the book away from me, and I’ll have to say I’m “soarry.”

*See my disclaimer about my truthiness.

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  1. I enjoy that he's the gruff overmasculine X-men who wears a bright yellow and neon blue spandex outfit. I don't know how that conveys "brooding hero"