Sunday, September 13, 2009

Degrassi High, the Drinking Continues

Unfortunately for me, when the students at Degrassi Junior High went on to high school, the show went with them. Degrassi High is just as painful as Degrassi Junior High, and I still blame Kevin Smith for rekindling my husband’s interest in these shows.

For those of you in the same predicament as me, here are some new rules for a Degrassi High drinking game. Add these to the rules from the Degrassi Junior High drinking game.

1. If you hear someone pronounce “about” as “aboot,” take a drink. (Remember, this show was made in Canada.)
2. When a character is lying, take a drink.
3. Every time you see hockey hair, shout, “What the puck?” and take a drink.
4. When you see the twins, take two drinks.
5. Every time you see people socializing in the bathroom, make sure your hands are clean and take a drink.


  1. Bonus round...if they're wearing a jersey while having hockey hair take two drinks!

    Also...aboot is a maritime slang.

  2. Does it really sound like “aboot” to you guys down there? I sometimes hear “abote” if the person is from back east or has a working-class/small-town accent, but never “aboot.”

  3. Yes, Felicity (I'm aware you probably won't read this but I'm posting it for anyone else asking). We really do hear "aboot." There's a great deal of U.S. media that pokes fun at it. If you want the best example, look for the scene in South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut where the Canadian prime minister is speaking.