Friday, September 4, 2009

Degrassi Junior High Drinking Game

My husband used to watch Degrassi Junior High on PBS when he was a kid. It’s a show about Canadian teenagers who attend a cursed junior high school. Every student that sets foot in that building faces unspeakable tragedies. Ash’s interest in this show was rekindled when he heard Kevin Smith mention it on the Clerks II commentary. This, of course, filled Ash with the need to buy the complete series.

I had never heard of Degrassi Junior High before Kevin Smith mentioned it, and I had never seen it before my husband brought home the series. (I blame Kevin Smith for rekindling my husband’s interest in this show.) Like other fanboys, Ash needs to wall all of the episodes back-to-back, as though it’s a test of endurance. As his wife, in a home with only one television, I get to watch all of the episodes back-to-back as well.

If your fanboy brings home this show and wants to watch as much as possible in one sitting, here is a drinking game to help dull the pain:

1. Every time someone says, “soarry” (this is Canadian for “sorry”), take a drink.
2. Every time you see a weird ‘80s hairstyle, try to arrange your hair in a similar fashion and take a drink.
3. If a teenager says, “pregnant” or you see a pregnant teen, be thankful you’re not pregnant while you drink.
4. When you see teenagers drinking, take two drinks.
5. Every time you hear a teenager say the word “sex,” try not to throw up while you take a drink.

By the time you’ve finished watching the first episode, you should be drunk enough to be able to endure the rest of the DVD. (Note: If you are under 21, you’re just going to have to suffer through it sober.)


  1. I hate this show (and don't say soarry that's an ontario thing) but my cousins can quote on que almost the entire series.

  2. Oh man, we watched this IN junior high, when it was current and considered educational. The funny thing was, I went to a particularly rough inner city junior high, but by Degrassi standards, we were practically saints.

  3. Hehe this is our list!

    1. Every time someone wear an oversized knitted sweater
    2. Everytime somebody clearly articulates the message of the episode eg. "but drugs are wrong!"
    3. Everytime Nancy is in a shot
    4. Everytime Joey claims he can do something he probably can't!