Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hawkman Again

Ash keeps insisting that Hawkman’s head actually isn’t a hawk, but it’s a normal human head with a hawk-helmet. I am still waiting for some concrete evidence. To try to prove to me that Hawkman’s head is a human head, Ash showed me a drawing of Hawkman wearing what appears to be a cowl. Well, look closer! That’s just a blanket wrapped around the hawk to keep it warm!

Ash also told me Hawkman’s origin story. I thought Hawkman was a man who got decapitated, and in order to keep him alive a surgeon attached a hawk to his neck, kind of like what happened to Ganesh. I guess that’s not it. Apparently Hawkman was an Egyptian prince named Khufu in a past life. I asked if it was the Khufu who built the Great Pyramid during the Old Kingdom or a generic made-up Egyptian, but Ash doesn’t know. He also didn’t appreciate my tirade on how the ancient Egyptians didn’t believe in reincarnation, so the premise for Hawkman is ridiculous. Seriously, if they Egyptians believed in reincarnation they wouldn’t have built pyramids and tombs, which were meant to house an aspect of their souls for all eternity!

(This is the the real Khufu's Pyramid behind the Sphinx.)

If the creators wanted to push the Egyptian theme, why doesn’t Hawkman have an ancient Egyptian looking costume? Also, why does he have wings? In ancient Egyptian art, only Goddesses had wings. (Khepri had wings, but only when he was shown in scarab form. There is also a winged solar disc that is associated with a solar God, but it’s not an anthropomorphic Deity.)

Wouldn’t it just be easier to “retcon” Hawkman’s origin story and say that he was bit by a radioactive hawk?

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