Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Iron Man Movie

Iron Man is one of the few comic book movies that my husband enjoys. He usually hates them because he gets frustrated when a two hour movie leaves out information from a comic book story that had a 30 year run. Anyway, Ash likes Iron Man, which means that I get to watch it a lot.

This movie is about a guy named Tony Stark, who is a drunken whore. He also builds weapons. While he is demonstrating one of the weapons, he gets attacked by terrorists who used weapons that Stark manufactured. He is injured in the attack, and he has to have a battery in his chest to prevent shrapnel from entering into his heart. Stark eventually builds a super battery that powers a big metal suit, which helps him escape from the terrorists.

The rest of the movie is about Stark making better metal suits as his role as Iron Man. Ironically, he actually used aluminum instead of iron. Anyway, Iron Man learns how to fly, annoys his secretary, and fights bad guys. I think my husband like this movie so much because there is a scene when Stark’s robots think he’s on fire and spray him with a fire extinguisher.

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