Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Lone Henchmen

The Lone Gunmen is a terrible spinoff show from The X-Files. My husband wanted it because he likes (i.e. is obsessed with) The X-Files. Fortunately, he agrees that this is a horrible show.

On The X-Files, the two main characters would occasionally consult a trio of nerds to help them solve cases. The trio was known as the Lone Gunmen. There’s a short guy who is obsessed with Agent Scully, like many other fanboys I know. There’s also a guy with long blonde hair and glasses. The last Gunman is a guy who wears suits.

On the TV show, they solve crimes or something. I repressed a lot of the show, and I’m not going to watch it again to give a more accurate description. I just remember it was very cheesy. The nice thing about The Lone Gunmen is that it was cancelled pretty quickly, so it’s not something a fanboy can keep wasting his money on, unless he doesn’t already own the 54 seasons of The X-Files already.


  1. What's so sad is I watch this show and I love it, the whole terrible crime sleuth/intentional comedy thing really speaks to me. The fact that the actor who play the long haired blonde guy is a dance major makes it even better.

  2. I remember watching the x-files and expecting the blond guy to start spouting Waynes World quotes like "schwing!" and "that makes me all tingley, like when I climbed the rope in gym class."

  3. I /love/ the Lone Gunmen (the characters) and even I have to admit the /Lone Gunmen/ show was bad. Fortunately they were still allowed to appear on /The X-Files/, which was a much better show.