Thursday, September 17, 2009

Season 8 of Smallville

I can’t believe that Smallville is still on the air! It’s such a bad show. In this season, Jimmy Olsen marries one of little Superman’s friends. Jimmy Olsen also dies, so he’ll never work for the paper with Clark Kent (aka Superman) and Lois Lane. It’s no big deal though, because the Jimmy Olsen that will work for the paper is supposed to be younger than Clark and Lois, not the same age like the guy in the TV show.

Some superheroes from the future also come back in time to help little Superman. They are shocked that Superman isn’t all that they thought he was going to be, but in the end they learn to love him.

If your fanboy brings this home and hasn’t seen it yet, you can torture him if he insists that you should watch it with him by telling him what happens.


  1. Oh no! Must hide this blog! maybe my hubby will never know that season 8 is out. Just have to make sure he never goes out in public or is on the computer on amazon......okay that's impossible, I think I'll practise faking the flu.

  2. bodoba: dab a little bacon grease behind your ears, cough and moan and call it the swine flu ;)