Tuesday, September 22, 2009

South Park

South Park is a cartoon on Comedy Central that’s about elementary students who are potty mouths and go on various adventures. The early episodes weren’t so terrible, but as the seasons progressed the creators became more and more concerned with being edgy, topical, and offensive and the quality of the show’s quality plummeted. (It wasn’t all that amazing in the first place, but I could watch it without complaining too much.) My husband has the first six seasons and he used to watch it on TV when it was new. While the earlier seasons were offensive, there sometimes seemed a purpose to the episodes or the jokes were sometimes funny. Take Mr. Hat, for example. Mr. Hat is a puppet that the teacher always carries, and it was based on a school that thought the teacher was too stupid to teach so they had her play a record and use a puppet.

As the years went on, South Park became less interesting to me. The last episode I watched of this show was when they made fun of Al Gore because it was very popular to ridicule him at the time. I didn’t even finish watching the episode.

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  1. IMHO the earlier seasons’ offensiveness had less of a purpose. They would just kill Kenny or do something cruel to Pip. Then someone would fart or poo. Now there’s satire, which gives it its purpose.

    Their shots at Al Gore were too cheap, though.