Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sucky Smallville 2009 Season Premiere

So, the 2009 season of Smallville premiered last week. It was pretty bad, but that’s not a big surprise. My hope is that if Ash watches Smallville as it airs he won’t have the need to buy it, but I’m sure he’ll purchase it anyway so he can have all of the commentary and other bonus features.
(Bad drawing by Fanboy Wife.)

If you need to spoil the season for your fanboy, this is what happened: Clark Kent wore black with a blue Superman “S” logo. Ash said in the comic he had a mullet, and I think he was a little disappointed that little Superman didn’t sport one for this episode. Lois Lane was chased by a ninja from the future, and the blonde girl who isn’t a character in the comics asked Clark to go back in time to bring Jimmy Olsen back from the dead. The guy from Dead Like Me a girl with a black eye were also in this episode. There was also something about a train. On a positive note, Superman’s best friend, Lex Luther, wasn’t in the episode. I don’t recall seeing Lana Lang either.

The season premiere set the bar pretty low, so be prepared for another season of suckage.

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