Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My husband loves the book Watchmen. It’s about a guy named Rorschach, and he has an inkblot disguise. There’s also a naked blue guy.

Ash doesn’t talk so much about the book as much as his disdain for the movie in more recent times. He never watched the movie because he knows he’ll hate it. However, anyone who knows that Ash likes comics always asks if he liked Watchmen the movie. They also ask him, “What’s the deal with the naked blue guy?”

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  1. I thought the book was good (so many words though, there were more speech bubbles than the actual charcters it seemed >,<), i throughly enjoyed it. The movie however....left much to be desired....they left so much out, and i can't believe they didn't keep the giant squid/alien thingy in the movie, that would have been kool!! 8D