Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blue Beetle

My husband has been reading a lot of comics about the Blue Beetle recently, but he doesn’t tell me too much about them because he knows I get annoyed by anything is set in ancient Egypt and full of fallacies. However, Ash made the mistake about telling me about the Blue Beetle, which I will now use against him.

The Blue Beetle originated in ancient Egypt. There was a man who made the mistake of getting frisky with the pharaoh’s daughter. As punishment, he was mummified alive. Thousands of years later, an archaeologist named Dan Garret was in Egypt and he found the tomb. In that tomb, there was a magical scarab. That scarab gave Dan Garret superpowers when he would shout the magic words, “Mumbo Jumbo!” After many years, Dan Garret had to stop being the Blue Beetle because he realized that a scarab is a dung beetle and it was just too gross for him.

(Drawing by Fanboy Wife based on a picture by Raphael Albuquerque)

The next Blue Beetle was one of Dan Garret’s students, but he couldn’t get the scarab to give him magical powers. To compensate, the second Blue Beetle built a suit and invented things to make him a superhero. Unfortunately his suit wasn’t waterproof, and this Blue Beetle was electrocuted when he fell into the Nile.

The current Blue Beetle is Jaime Reyes. It turns out that the scarab wasn’t magic, but it is a piece of alien technology. The aliens probably left it in Egypt after they built the pyramids and Stargate. The scarab found Jaime Reyes and fused into his spine, and it gives him robot superpowers. As the Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes fights Egyptologists, archaeologists, and other academics that perpetuate the myth that the Egyptians built their own monuments.

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  1. The second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, was created by Steve Ditko in the 1960's. I think Charlton Comics said to him, "Make a character as similar to Spider-Man as possible, short of getting us sued."