Friday, October 2, 2009

Bruce of All Trades

Bruce Campbell, who is magnificently dreamy, starred in a TV show called Jack of All Trades in 2000. The show only lasted for two seasons, and it’s available on DVD. What’s nice about this show is that the complete series comes in one, tiny boxed set, and it has Bruce Campbell in it. This show is great for fanboys and their wives.

The show is really cheesy; it’s a cross between the American Revolution and a bad Renaissance festival. Bruce Campbell plays an early 19th century superhero on a small island. Jack of All Trades is full of sword fighting, bad French accents, and lewd innuendoes. The guy who was Mini-Me is also Napoleon Bonaparte!

Your willing suspension of disbelief must be pretty high to watch this show, but it’s pretty easy when Bruce Campbell is on the screen.

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  1. Oh i love Bruce, he's brilliant. And Jack Of All Trades is a superb series.