Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Evening with Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has this strange magnetism to him that attracts fanboys. Perhaps it’s because even though Kevin Smith is a big geek, he is successful and married a woman out of his league. If your fanboy can’t get enough Kevin Smith in his life, then he’ll probably want to purchase An Evening with Kevin Smith. He’ll probably watch it many, many times as well.


  1. Wow...can't say I have anything like that in my house. Your a brave woman.

  2. Or as the cover calls it, “An Evening with Kevinsmith.”

  3. OMG!! I loved this!! 8D my dad had me watch it with him, and it was freeking awesome!! I want it! I also learned alot about him, and why he makes movies n stuff. He is a very open kind of man...