Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My husband has been in love with Ghostbusters since he was a little kid. His parents recorded it off TV for him on a VHS, which he watched to death. As an adult, he has the movie on DVD, and he can act out the movie as it’s happening like it’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This movie is about 3 scientists, played by Billy Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis, who lose their jobs. Out of work, they pool their resources and talents and become the Ghostbusters. Even though they catch ghosts, they tend to create a lot of damages. They live in an old firehouse, have a secretary, and hire a fourth Ghostbuster because their cheesy commercial stirs up a lot of business.

They catch ghosts with proton packs, and they keep them in a big electronic container-thing in their firehouse. The streams from the proton packs cause a lot of fires and damages, and they could possibly bring even more damage if the streams are crossed. The Ghostbusters used a lot of various gadgets, which my husband had toy replicas of when he was a child. I’m thankful that those toys broke during his youth so they don’t clutter up our tiny home now.

Bill Murray’s character is Dr. Peter Venkman, and he’s my husband’s favorite Ghostbuster. Venkman wants to get a ghost that lives in a woman’s refrigerator. This woman is named Dana and is played by Sigourney Weaver from the Alien movies. It turns out that Dana’s apartment was built by an evil architect, and the apocalypse is going to happen because of that building. Dana and her neighbor, Rick Moranis, get turned into gargoyles and climb on their roof to meet the evil apocalypse-bringer Gozer.

Gozer summons the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to destroy them all. The Ghostbusters cross the streams from their proton packs, and the world is saved. Everyone is covered in marshmallow goo, and the world is safe again until Ghostbusters II


  1. At least they still aren't making ghostbusters movies and from what I've heard the last series was around 2001 or so. That was calle extreme ghostbusters and had a guy in a wheelchair and I caught missed edit where the wheelchair guy called the police officer an "occifer"

    I was pretty proud at the time and now bow my head in shame at the memory.

  2. Did you hear about the new Blu-Ray of Ghostbusters? It has a couple more of everyone's favorite things.... Special Features!

    Also, I think I have heard ongoing rumors of a potential Ghostbusters III. Maybe yay?!?!

    Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!