Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jean Grey

Jean Grey is one of the many mutants in the Marvel mutant-verse. Her father was Earl Grey. When Jean told her father that she didn’t want to take over the family tea business, she went to Professor Xavier’s Mutant Charm School. Her mutant powers give her the ability to read minds and date Cyclops. Wolverine is also in love with her, but she doesn’t like him because he’s too short and hairy.

She has a terrible blue and skin-tone colored costume made out of spandex with cargo pockets, and she has an odd looking headband.


  1. Gene Grey was the entertainment editor of my local newspaper. I always thought of him when I watched those movies.

  2. Oh, right, ’90s cartoon Jean Grey. Well, you have to admit, it wasn’t skimpy. Neither were Rogue’s, Storm’s, or Jubilee’s, come to think of it.