Monday, October 12, 2009


Mel Brooks makes great satirical movies, and Spaceballs is one of them. This movie gets the Fanboy Wife Seal of Approval because it makes fun of all the sci-fi movies I loathe. Even though I’ve only seen Star Wars once, which is one time too many, it was enough for me to appreciate the humor in Spaceballs. If you’ve had to see Alien or Star Trek, you should enjoy this movie as well.

Spaceballs is about a runaway space princess and her robot, Dot Matrix. They need to be rescued from Dark Helmet, who wants to destroy their planet. There is a hero. There is also a mog, who is half-man, half-dog, and he is his “own best friend.” There are chest-popping aliens, a beaded lady, and a scene when the Spaceballs comb the desert. Like many other Mel Brooks movies, this one ends with a wedding.


  1. I LOVE the little tap dancing alien. So much that I used to have one of those little face-hugger plushies that I made a top hat and cane for. I wonder where he is now...

  2. I also loved the desert combing scene, and Yougrt. only cause his name was Yougrt.

  3. I love this movie so much, it's one of my favorite John Candy movies.

    I have a homemade pair of Mog ears and the tail to go with them along with the gloves.