Friday, November 6, 2009

Bruce Invasion

Even though I love Bruce Campbell and all that he creates, the movie Terminal Invasion was pretty bad. I still adore Bruce, but these Sci-Fi Channel movies are pretty horrible. Cheesy plot, bad computer animation, goofy monsters, and bad acting are a staple. Terminal Invasion would be completely unwatchable if it weren’t for the dreamy Bruce Campbell.

The movie is about some aliens in an airport terminal. No one knows who the aliens are, and people start dying one-by-one. They even accuse the incredible Bruce Campbell of being an alien, but it turns out to be the annoying children. (I hope you don’t think I just spoiled the plot, but you would have been able to figure out the kids were the aliens pretty quickly on your own if you had to watch this film.) Bruce saves the day, and there’s lots of gooey gore.

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  1. IAWTP. Bruce Campbell was the best thing about this bad movie. I did enjoy seeing a young, pre-/Daily Show/ Jason Jones as a soldier, though.