Monday, November 30, 2009

He’s Chevy Chase, and I’m Not

In addition to my husband’s Bill Murray collection, there is a collection of Chevy Chase movies in my home. What’s funny about this is that Billy Murray and Chevy Chase did not get along in real life when they both worked on Saturday Night Live. Then again, I’ve heard that Chevy Chase is very difficult to work with, and many people cannot get along with him. Too bad for Chevy, but many of his movies are next to Bill’s on the shelf.


  1. At least they have those protective boxes between them...If I had to choose, I think I'd pick Bill Murray. Otherwise, I'd just leave them both on the shelf at your place!

  2. And BTW - your posts are coming in very helpful as I navigate an office full of people who like to discuss the respective strengths of Silver Surfer vs. Wolverine. Sigh.

  3. There’s a great story about Chevy Chase and Bill Murray in the book /Live from New York/. Chase was in the cast in the first season, got a little bit famous, left, and came back to host a season or two later. Everyone hated him but nobody wanted to say anything because they all knew each other too well from the first season. Murray, however, was the new guy and had no loyalty to Chase, so the others pressured him to be the one to say what they were all thinking. Finally a fight broke out between Chase and Murray and Murray scored the winning blow before the fight was stopped by saying “Medium talent!”

    I never much liked Chase to begin with, and after the things he said on /Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher/ in the ’90s, I lost all respect for him. So I find that Bill Murray story comforting.

  4. I don't know which I like more, but they are both hilarious!

    Also, Fletch and Fletch Lives are (in my overly-accepting book) both good movies that I proudly own.