Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Fond of You, Man

I Love You, Man is another movie that has Marshall from How I Met Your Mother in it. I never even heard of it before Ash brought it home. The only reason he bought it was because he needed to complete the Marshall collection.

The film is about a man who is getting married, but he doesn’t have any male-friends to be in his wedding party. So, he goes out on many “man-dates” to try and find some male-bridesmaids. (I know that’s not the right name for them, but I can’t think of correct word.) After many failed attempts at making friends, the main character meets Marshall, and they become best friends forever! Marshall even gets asked to be the best man, but then they break up for a little while. The bride eventually calls Marshall on their wedding day, and everything ends happily ever after.

The best part of this movie is that I didn’t have to see Marshall naked!


  1. Hello.
    So I'm clear - because I haven't seen most of these things, the name Marshall is a nonspecific bromenclature, like John Doe, but with beers? Or the feminist 'Nigel', or the Antipodean 'Sheila'?

  2. Marshall is the name of a character that actor plays on a television show. I don't know what his real name is, so I just call him Marshall.