Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Incomplete Sliders Collection

Fortunately for me, my husband does not own all five seasons of Sliders. He only has the first boxed set, which includes seasons one and two. So, instead of having several DVD boxes full of Sliders episodes collecting dust in my living room, I only have the one.

I haven’t watched any of the episodes on DVD with Ash. I’ve never seen him watch it, so perhaps he really didn’t like the show. I saw a few of the episodes back in the day when they were aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. From what I remember, it’s about a group of people who “slide” through alternative realities and have to solve problems. There were usually four people that slid between worlds, and I think the main cast included a scientist guy, his girlfriend, his brother, and a singer named Remmy.

I really just can’t complain about this series properly because even though it’s cluttering my shelf, it’s not as intrusive as Smallville.


  1. For some reason I find myself randomly thinking about sliders all the time. Like you I never watched the show but did catch a few episodes back in the day. Whenever I catch myself thinking about it I do end up giving myself a mental slap.

  2. I watched it, it was good for the first two or three seasons, but somewhere after year two, they jumped the shark or got repetitive or lame or something. So sometime when you're bored, go ahead and watch a couple episodes in secret ... oh, is this the internet??? bwahahahaha