Thursday, November 12, 2009

Live from New York it’s Saturday Night

My husband loves the early seasons of Saturday Night Live. I think it’s because of his love for Bill Murray that makes him want every season. There’s also that fanboy fervor that requires him to own everything in every collection that causes him to “need” each season as it is released.

So, dutifully, I buy him the seasons as they’re annually released. There isn’t a “play all episodes” option on the DVDs, so they’re kind of a hassle to watch. (I know, it’s really hard to hit “play” on the remote when the episodes end, right?) Regardless, he loves to make me watch the land shark, Coneheads, and killer bees. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t think that contemporary SNL is funny, so my hope is that he won’t need to complete this collection!

1 comment:

  1. I agree it sucks if you just buy it just to own it all. Thankfully my hubby only bought the first 10 seasons of naruto and quit at that.