Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sports Video Games

I’m sure my spouse isn’t the only nerd who loves sports but doesn’t play them. He can live vicariously through athletes while yelling at the television, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. When he feels the need to participate, he’ll break out the sports video games. I used to think that watching sporting events on TV was pretty boring, but that was before I got to watch fake sporting events on TV. As though the game wasn’t long and boring enough, there are options to setup before and after the game. My husband can spend hours fiddling with the options of the game.

I’ve actually tried playing a few of these games with him, but I have no idea what the buttons do. So, I’ll just randomly push buttons until something happens. Otherwise, I like to try and knock down the referees. On occasion, I might score on accident, which infuriates my husband because I never try in the first place.


  1. Thankfully we only have one NBA game. I do the same thing though, hit buttons until somethnig happens. Usually I try to make the players dance.

  2. just be glad that he isn't obsessed with the Sims...he would spend days just looking for the right pants to go with the persons hair only to change the hair, there by needing to change everything is very mind numbing, espically with the elevator music playing in background. my sister does this thing where she will make a family, move them into a house, play a little bit, and then kick the family out, and totally re-do their look and do it all over again...