Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?

On Halloween, my husband took me to a movie. We went to see Ghostbusters. To add insult to injury, he bought us matching Ghostbusters t-shirts just for this occasion. The friends that came with us also had to dawn Ghostbusters apparel for the event.

To my relief/horror, there were people dressed up more than us at the event. Most of the staff was wearing t-shirts with the logo, and there were many people in their regular Halloween costumes. There was also a grown man in a jump suit with Ghostbusters patches, knee pads, and a leaf blower proton pack!

While I find the silkscreened proton packs on the t-shirts disturbing, at least my husband hasn’t made a 3D one for himself! (I really hope he didn’t get any “ideas” for Halloween next year.)

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