Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blackest Night Event

A crossover event is when a comic book company decides that they’re going to have one plot that will invade all of their different titles. They do this so fanboys need to buy a lot of extra comics to understand the story. DC Comics is using this marketing ploy in their Blackest Night event.

My husband is in love with the Green Lantern, and so he buys the Green Lantern comics. Now, due to this event, he has to buy all of the other comic books that have “Blackest Night” printed on the cover so he understands the story. He also needs to buy all of those comics so he can collect the plastic rings.


  1. I feel the pain, I thought someone stole our identity today when I looked at the bank account and then found out it was my husband who neglected to tell me that he bought...or tried to buy all of the mobile suit gundam series.

    Oh and if you're wondering...we already have, gundam wing and z gundam. And lucky me, he told me that there are 18 gundam shows total. oh yay! *unenthusiatic happy dance*

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