Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cowboy Ninja Viking Issues 1 and 2

So the verdict is in, Cowboy Ninja Viking completely sucks. No, I’m just kidding… kind of… Ash said he finally got around to reading his first two issues of Cowboy Ninja Viking, and he really didn’t care for it. I hope this means that he’ll stop buying it!

He said that the first two books had surprise endings that were meant to hook the reader into the next issues, but he didn’t have a clear enough idea of what was going on in the books to care.

It kind of takes the fun out of mocking a comic when my husband doesn’t like it either.


  1. Ummm...I don't know how how Cowboys, Ninjas and Vikings together in a comic book couldn't be totally awesome. What a disappointment!

  2. Maybe it would've been better if they added Jedi Samuri and Pirate also...but that's just my opnion...(half joking, half serious...)