Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Ghostbusters Car

There’s a big cardboard box in my closet marked “Ash’s Toys.” Inside of this huge box is an assortment of sports memorabilia he collected in college. He would spend lots of money looking for the perfect item, only to unpack it from its shipping box and put it in this cardboard box.

In addition to the bobble heads, pendants, and wooden baseballs, there’s a Ghostbusters toy car. I think it’s called the Ecto 1, but who cares?

I know it’s not a little plastic toy smuggled into our home from his youth. I’m sure he had one like it when he was a kid, and played with it until it died. He still laments over his long lost plastic proton pack from when his mom “accidentally” broke it. This car is probably a “collector’s item” because it’s made of metal and mounted on a plastic platform. I’m just thankful that it doesn’t make noise.


  1. Serendipitous post today as I wrote about just such toys on my blog too! I linked back here for anyone reading that didn't know what a "fanboy" was.