Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Shop for a Fanboy

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if your fanboy is like mine, then I bet he has a list a mile-long of his nerd-desires. While on the surface, it seems like your shopping will be easy, but that is only a thin veneer that hides the murky evil. First of all, I think the specific list sucks the fun out of the holidays because then there’s no surprise. Additionally, if you buy anything that’s not on the list, he will be all grumpy. So, even if you do surprise you’re fanboy, he won’t appreciate the effort.

Here are a few tips based off my past experiences.
  1. Don’t buy him anything that’s part of a collection. He will never be happy until the collection is complete.
  2. Only buy your fanboy t-shirts if you can get away with throwing away his older ones. Otherwise, he will hoard them and his dresser will explode. Even though a grown man wearing a superhero shirt is a little embarrassing, at least when you pick it out you have a little control over the situation. 
  3. Order whatever you can online so you don’t have to go to the comic book store. It will help you avoid smelling like body odor and shame when you’re done shopping.


  1. good points, the only thing I can add is avoid comic themed underwear.

  2. the first one made me laugh!
    I try to buy him stuff that he doesn't have in his collection, as for the t-shirts, he cuts out the image and asks me to see if I can sew it on a new plain color shirt... or make him a new messenger bag with the image on it.. lol