Friday, December 4, 2009

Knocked Up

The guy that plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother has a small part in the movie Knocked Up. This is a pretty terrible movie, but my husband bought it because he needs to own every movie that has Marshall in it. I think he’s the new Bill Murray.

Like in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Marshall is naked in this film. At least it’s for a shorter period of time, and he covers his shame with his hands. He’s still too naked though!

Anyway, this movie is about a marijuana-smoking, jobless guy who has a one night stand with a woman who works in celebrity gossip television. She gets pregnant, and the movie is about the two of them trying to develop a relationship. Ivan Reitman, who was in Ghostbusters, played the irresponsible guy’s father, which is probably another reason Ash purchased this movie.


  1. Geez, lady. I respect your right to an opinion but have an informed one. First, Knocked up is a far better movie than you give it credit for. Second, the guy from that awful show and mediocre movies you're referring to is Jason Siegel. He is not even close to Bill Murray who is a legend. I bet you said the same thing about Dane Cook five years ago. Third, Ivan Reitman is not an actor, he is a director. You're thinking of Harold Ramis, who played "Spengler" in Ghostbusters and is also a director so I can see your confusion there. Honestly, I didn't even mean to read this post, I accidently read it instead of your supposedly humorous Luke Cage summary recommended by Heidi MacDonald, but now...

  2. Geez, Anonymous, I certainly didn't mean that Seth Rogen is as entertaining as Bill Murray! (Have you noticed how much I complain about him?) I only meant to draw a parallel between how much Ash spends on Rogen compared to Murray.