Friday, December 4, 2009

Link from the Legion of Omnicon

I just think it is hilarious when regular fanboy blogs link to my site. It only encourages me to make fun of my husband more. Today, I discovered that the Legion of Omnicon, which is a blog that is devoted Legion of Super-Heroes, linked to all of my postings on the subject!


  1. I point out the negative reviews of the Legion as well as the positive ones. Plus you're funny - not mean - when you make fun of the things us fanboys love. At least you haven't made your husband throw out his collection, or choose between you and them.

    The name of my blog is the Legion Omnicom, which (a) is named after the Omnicom which is like a cross between an iPhone, a Kindle, and a tablet PC but it's from the 31st century, (b) is a shortened version of "omni-communication", and (c) has to have the word "Legion" so people don't get it mixed up with the advertising agency also named Omnicom.