Sunday, December 27, 2009


I love Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I used to watch the show when I was a teenager, and I introduced it my husband after the show was tragically cancelled. We rented VHS copies of the show, and Ash actually hated this show at first. Then, he saw the episode of Pod People, and he fell in love. After that, any time he needs to buy me a gift, I get MST3K DVDs. Since I’m not a fanboy, I could live with an incomplete collection, but my husband can’t and that is why I have a packed shelf of movies.

MST3K is the brainchild of Joel Hodgson and was made in Minnesota, and it originally aired on a local TV station. It was later picked up by the cable channel that became Comedy Central. The show is about evil scientists who shot a man into space to subject him to cruel experiments. The first scientists were Dr. Clayton Forrest and Dr. Laurence Erhardt, and they launched Joel into space on the Satellite of Love. They would make him watch terrible movies in order to try to break his spirit. In order to cope with the pain, Joel created robots to keep him company. Crow and Tom joined Joel in the movie theater, Gypsy ran the higher functions of the ship, and Cambot filmed.

Dr. Erhardt was replaced by TV’s Frank pretty quickly. Eventually, Joel left the show and another human named Mike took his place. The show was canceled, but it was picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel, and Dr. Forrester’s mom, Pearl, took over as the antagonist. Her sidekicks included a talking ape from the future and an alien that carried his brain in a dish.

This show is hilarious because it makes fun of terrible movies and it has some very entertaining host segments. Unfortunately, they can’t get the rights to many of the movies again to sell, so the episodes are sold in random order. At first, individual films were sold, but now they’re sold in 4-packs. If I was an obsessive fanboy, that would probably drive me crazy, but I can deal with the randomness. I’m just happy to watch a movie that pokes fun at science fiction.


  1. MST3000 rocks! We used to watch it when it was on PBS in the olden days! It's genius because it's the perfect way to watch those weird and pathetic old sci-fi movies. And hilarious in its own right.

  2. I have much love for this series. Sadly the local rental places don't seem to carry any of them.

  3. Never cared much for MST3K myself. I prefer to do my own heckling. The one exception is "Puma Man," which is only watchable with Mike and the robots' comments.