Monday, December 21, 2009

Teen Titians

When the holidays roll around, my husband usually makes a big, long wish list of all the nerdy books, comics, and movies he wants. I usually get this list emailed to me, and he often has links to websites so I will buy him exactly what he wants. To me, this takes out some of the fun of gift giving because I think there should be a little bit of surprise.

This year, Ash emailed me his list, which he claimed wasn’t “too long” this year. He had a list of ten bulleted items, but 3 of those items were actually multiple volumes of comic book archives, so he asked for 23 things total. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t proofread his list and so I’m going to make fun of it publicly.

The fourth thing on Ash’s wish list was “Teen Titians TPB Volumes 1-9.” I think he meant to ask for “Teen Titans,” but I think a book about adolescent Renaissance painters would be a lot more entertaining than reading about little Robin and little Wonder Woman.

(Titian, Meeting of Bacchus and Ariadne. 1522-1523.)


  1. I'm so dyslexic I didn't even catch the misspelling until you pointed it out. Congrats on being famous by the way (cakewrecks=fame)

  2. Like bodoba, I totally overlooked the title on this one. I'd read that book!

  3. ROTFLMAO! (and I don't use that phrase that often) Adolescent Renaissance painters and all the angst that comes with awkward turkey legs and tight was just like Renaissance Fair, right?