Thursday, December 3, 2009

X-Marks the Spot

Ash loved to watch the X-Men cartoon back in the day. As each DVD box is released, he brings it home with glee and we watch nothing but non-stop X-Men. The third volume has 15 episodes, and at least my husband will fast forward the theme song when I’m in the living room because it is so annoying.

The X-Men is like a cartoon soap opera for children and fanboys. The episodes are extended to link to each other, and the nerds eat it up without question. For example, “The Dark Phoenix” story stretched over 4 episodes. I think that is the story when Jean Grey turns in the Phoenix, but then she turns into a vampire and goes out at night. (I’m not a fanboy, so I’m immune to the riveting drama.)

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  1. I like this series as a kid now that I am older I do not think I will watch this show again. Its just not the same anymore.....