Thursday, January 28, 2010

Comic Book Cover Artists

Many times, the artist who designs the cover for a comic is different from the artist who illustrates the book itself. Cover artists are supposed to make eye-catching and dynamic covers in order to grab potential customers’ attention. Usually, they draw the women in provocative poses with enormous chests. The men are often shown with rippling muscles and punching things. Cover artists take liberties with the characters they draw and don’t have to make them match what the characters look like in the books.

Cover artists don’t even have to draw characters that are in the issue. For example, in issue 3 of Blackest Night Tales of the Corps, the cover artist showed two scantily clad and busty women fighting a muscle-bound red monster. I couldn’t locate any of those characters in the book at all. I actually didn’t see any females in the book until the second story, and they looked like teenagers.

My question is how soon before comic book cover artists only start drawing pairs of boobs in order sell the books?


  1. Yeah that's a little extreme. Fortunately most I've seen have characters that actually pertain to the story. (then again we have a lot of comics from the 70s)

  2. Almost didn't see the second set of ta ta's up in the corner... yikes!

    On a much gentler note, can you please ask your FanBoy about Shmoo? Not sure if this is fanboy enough, but we've been talking about him at the office.

  3. I can answer the question as to why the cover might be vastly different from the inside.

    Cover artist are usually either a name in the biz or if the interior guy is any good they will let them draw it. The problem is sometimes to get the names you have to work around their schedule or sometimes cover are done far in advance with only ideas about what might be in the actual issue. Then you have the problem with soliciting (this needs to be done 4 months in advance) the book with a cover that, when the book is actually written and drawn, has nothing to do with the interior BUT if you change it, it is now returnable. So the original cover that was solicited must be used.

    I know everyone likes to think these things are done in timely steps with everything flowing one step into the next, but in reality to a huge cock-up with everyone scambling to get it done.

    It's a dirty, backstabby, business.



  4. As a fangirl, please let me point something out. Women from comics have alsways been busty and gorgeous. Take a moment now to look at the male leads from comics and tell me if THAT is proportioned. Also, you have to take not that different artists are going to draw the characters differently, some bustier than others, some beefier.