Friday, January 29, 2010

Dead Like DVD

The show Dead Like Me wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the other shows my husband likes; however, the Dead Like Me movie (Life after Death) was pretty terrible. It always annoys me when actors are replaced, and this movie couldn’t get the whole original cast. The boss reaper from the TV show was replaced with a different character, which was better than having another actor try to fulfill the role. Unfortunately, the slutty reaper was replaced by a different actress, and it was pretty bad. I didn’t care for that character in the first place, but she was even more boring and irritating in the movie.

I honestly don’t even remember what the movie was about it was so disappointing. At the very least, it made me appreciate the show a little bit more.

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  1. yeah I have season 1 of the show, will eventually buy season 2 but DEFINITELY not buying the movie